Shanna T. Giora-Gorfajn

Town Meeting Member
Precinct 11

Dear Neighbor,

I am asking for your vote for Town Meeting in our Town Election on April 30, 2013, at Driscoll School.

I have lived in Brookline for ten years and have been a homeowner in Precinct 11, on Winchester Street, since 2005. You may have seen me about town with my son and daughter, both six years old, as they play in Brookline's parks, take part in children's programming at the Coolidge Corner branch library, or immerse themselves in the world of local, sustainable agriculture at the Brookline farmer's market.

Shanna, her husband Julian, and their children

Last year, after nearly a decade of enjoying all Brookline has to offer, I first had the opportunity to represent my neighbors as a Town Meeting Member. I ask for your support in my campaign for re-election so that I may continue to serve my community and help Brookline flourish.

I believe that strong public schools and libraries are the bedrock of a robust community, and I believe that we must safeguard the environment for ourselves and future generations. As a Town Meeting Member, I voted in favor of expanding library hours to include Sundays throughout the summer, and I supported restrictions on the distribution of polystyrene packaging and disposable plastic bags in our stores.

I believe that diverse and thriving local businesses enrich our neighborhoods in countless intangible ways, and that every dollar spent near home is a dollar that goes back into our collective purses. And I believe that communities are built on shared experiences in shared locations, which is why it is so important to maintain our parks and playgrounds and to continue finding innovative uses for our public spaces.

Remember to vote on April 30nd remember to mark my name for re-election to Brookline Town Meeting.

Your Neighbor,
Shanna T. Giora-Gorfajn